RICHARDSON – Richardson’s trash and recycling crews start their day early collecting approximately 530 tons of garbage a day, that comes out to 2,100 tons per day. It’s not the most glamourous job and it can sometimes be dangerous.

To help keep crews safe, Richardson’s trash and recycling team is asking people to place trash in a tied bag for collection and not in a container.

“We will not collect trash out of the container because animals can get in them or sometimes there are needles or broken glass in the container and when the solid waste operator goes to collect the trash, they have potential to be bitten by an animal or injured by anything in the container,” said Paula Johnson, Environmental Services Superintendent.

If workers get injured while on the job, they will not be able to work resulting in a shortage of staff and trash being delayed. Placing trash in a tied bag for collection is part of a city ordinance to help protect team members.

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