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Start New Driving Habits on World Ozone Day Sept. 16

World Ozone Day is Sept. 16, established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1994 to raise public awareness of the depletion of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere and encourage solutions to preserve it.

More Dates Added for Blue Bag Giveaways

The Public Services Department has added additional dates and locations for blue recycling bag giveaways this month. Remaining giveaways scheduled for September.

Blue Bag Giveaways this Month

Staff from the City’s Public Services Department will hand out free blue bags each this month to promote the City’s recycling program

Time to Make a Rain Barrel

With rain back in the forecast comes the opportunity to collect rain via a rain barrel, a great way to conserve water, capture water for use in outdoor irrigation and foundation watering and lower water bills.

Webworms active in trees this time of year

The webworm or Hyphantria cunea are the larval form of a small white moth commonly seen in the summer months which spin unattractive nests in the crotches of tree branches.

How to spot a water leak

A water leak coming from the interior or exterior of your home can cause structural damage and other issues but knowing where to look can help prevent a big mess.