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Be in the Know About Poison Hemlock

Though poison hemlock was once considered a weed to watch for if you lived in the southern half of Texas, North Texans now need to be more aware, as sightings in the Dallas area began more frequently last year.

Proper Tree Cutting Can Help Save Injured Trees

If you’re planning to get outside this weekend (between weather events) and assess/cut injured trees, consider the following, from the experts in Richardson’s Parks and Recreation department.

Spring Storms May Bring Injured Wildlife 

The abundance of baby animals and birds that come with spring, along with spring storms, means a higher incidence of finding injured wildlife and birds in our backyards. DFW Wildlife Coalition, one of the area organizations that has partnered with the Richardson Animal Shelter in rescue efforts, has several guidelines on its website if you (or your dog) find a displaced or injured bird, mammal, or reptile and you need help assessing the situation.

Time to Try Composting 

Annually, May 29 is National Learn About Composting Day, and if you haven’t tried composting yet, it’s a great time to get more information about it.

It’s Bobcat, Coyote Birthing Season; Sightings Increase 

April-May is birthing season for coyotes and April-June for bobcats, so the increase in wildlife sightings around Richardson lately may be due to the fact that male coyotes and female bobcats are out and about more while on the hunt for food to feed their growing families.

Gardening Tasks for May 

The Dallas County Master Gardener Association, Inc., a division of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, has released its May Gardening Task List, featuring several to-dos (and one “don’t do”) that gardeners should be taking note of this month. Among the group’s recommendations:

“Lights Out” for Migrating Birds through June 15 

Audubon Texas is inviting businesses, developers and homeowners to help protect billions of migratory birds traveling through Texas this month and next by closing blinds and turning off all outdoor, non-essential (non-security) lighting from 11 p.m.-6 a.m.