RICHARDSON – National Responsible Dog Ownership Day is coming up this weekend, a perfect time to educate first-time owners about the responsibilities of dog ownership and help current owners enhance their relationships with their pets.

“Adopting a pet is very exciting for people, but they have to keep in mind pets are exactly like children, they are very curious and need care, food and attention,” said Amber Norman, Resource Coordinator for the Richardson Animal Shelter.

Before visiting the Richardson Animal Shelter, it’s recommended that people look online to see which pet is available for adoption. Then, research the type of breed the animal is to learn more about its behaviors including how big they will get and how often the dog will need to be groomed.

The Richardson Animal Shelter staff is available to answer any questions people may have before they make the decision to adopt a furry friend.

Richardson Animal Shelter is open to the public by appointment only, please call 972-744-4480 to set one up today.