With the official start of summer this week, you may hear the phrase “Ozone Action Day” more frequently in the news. These are days when ground-level ozone in our air, fueled by heat, sunlight, pollution and lack of wind, reaches unhealthy levels that can cause serious health problems, especially for people who have respiratory problems, and children. Reducing energy consumption is the most impactful way you can contribute to better air quality, which is also helpful in avoiding summertime heat-related rolling blackouts associated with our electrical grid.  

Some suggestions for reducing energy consumption (click here for more): 

  • Unplug nonessential electronics when not in use, as they still consume energy just by being plugged in 
  • Air dry clothes on a drying rack instead of using an electric or gas dryer 
  • Fuel your vehicle in the morning or evening  

The City of Richardson takes steps to reduce emissions year-round, including extra action on high ozone days, by following a Clean Fleet policy established by a resolution of the City Council in 2015.