As evident by recent weather, rainstorms often develop very quickly. Weather alerts can prevent being caught unaware and give you a chance to take cover.  

The Richardson Office of Emergency Management recommends the following:  

  • Richardson Emergency Alerts- register to allow the City to rapidly notify you through calls, texts and e-mails for various emergencies, with the option to add severe weather watch/warning alerts specific to the Richardson area. Visit to sign up.  
  • NOAA All-Hazards Weather Radio- receive indoor alerts the instant they are issued from the National Weather Service for dangerous weather conditions in your area. To purchase a NOAA Radio, visit local camping, technology or online retailers. A NOAA radio can alert and wake you (models are available with a strobe light, sound or bed shakers), allowing life-saving minutes to take action—moving your body to a safe place such as an interior closet, bathroom or basement. 
  • Free phone apps available at app stores for iOS and Android- weather, lightning and local news channel apps often have options for notification and access to live radar coverage. Allow weather apps to access your phone’s GPS to see conditions based on your actual location.  
  • Outdoor Warning Sirens- as a reminder, people are not expected to hear sirens inside a house or building. Their primary purpose is to move people indoors to seek shelter and more information.  

More Information: or call 972-744-0900