RICHARDSON – Another set of steel rails for the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Silver Line project was delivered today by special train from Columbia City, IN.

The shipment consists of 50 rail segments, each spanning about 1,600 feet long which is longer than five football fields. More deliveries of rail are expected in the coming months.

“DART and all of our service area cities have been looking forward to the Silver Line. We are working very closely with the neighborhoods that are adjacent to our railway, making sure that they know when construction is going to happen,” said Gordon Shattles, External Relations for DART. “They will get notices on their doors and we will work very closely with the cities to make sure they are educated and knowledgeable about safety procedures and when new construction will be happening.” 

DART’s 26-mile corridor will extend between Plano and DFW Airport with stops in seven cities including Richardson. Service is scheduled to begin March 2023.

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