RICHARDSON – Increasing restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19, combined with customer concerns on how to stay protected has led to an evolution in local business practices that are keeping businesses operating and residents connected to their culinary cravings.

Last week, a statewide shutdown in dine-in and other services ordered by the Governor but allowed exceptions for carryout and delivery.

The Richardson Chamber of Commerce and the local Community Impact Newspaper have both designed online resources to serve as one-stop shops to see who may still be open.

“We all know the crisis we are dealing with it hitting businesses especially small businesses really hard so, I think as much information that we can get out to the public about how they can support businesses at this time is just super important,” said Olivia Lueckemeyer, editor, Community Impact Newspaper.

Residents in Richardson can expect mandatory closures on non-essential services and businesses to stay in effect until the most damaging threats of COVID-19 pass. Information on what is defined as an essential business and what restrictions are in place for residents to follow is available on the City’s COVID-19 news paged located at