Richardson code enforcement officers work hard to maintain the city’s integrity by making certain its residential neighborhoods, apartment complexes and commercial areas are kept in a safe and healthy manner through fair and reasonable enforcement of codes and ordinances.

We followed along as code enforcement officers were on patrol recently. 

“I think our job is really important. When we drive around, we try to maintain the city and keep the integrity of the city high,” said Sarah Deering, code enforcement officer.

The City has apartment, commercial and residential programs.

All apartment complexes older than 5 years are inspected by City staff on an annual basis and evaluate on the condition of their buildings, general property and common area maintenance such as electrical, plumbing and the fire code.  Commercial inspectors focus on zoning, development, property standards, parking regulations and nuisance. Residential inspections are done daily with officers evaluating high grass and weeds, vegetation, fences, open storage, trash and debris, brush and bulky item collection, minimum property standards, home occupations/garage sales, yard parking and junk vehicles.

Visit to learn more about code enforcement and to see a list of quick codes and to report any code violations.