A news crew from FOX 4 spent part of the afternoon filming a story here at City Hall that centers around a 20-year-old gamer from Richardson who jumped into action earlier this month after noticing her 17-year-old friend who lives in the U.K. was having a seizure. 

The young woman called local police in Widnes, England from her home in Richardson and helped save his life. 

We caught up with reporter, Dionne Anglin about the scary incident.

“Everywhere the story was reported it said, a Texas woman or a teen in Texas. It never said where in Texas. I happened to be on a trip to New York and I learned they were both in New York to talk about their story. In my listening very carefully, I learned she was from Richardson,” said Dionne Anglin, reporter for Fox 4 News.

Check out the video below and see their story tonight on Fox 4.