Coco is one of our longest residents and we are at a loss as to why! This young girl was surrendered to us because the owner’s grandson was autistic and having a hard time with Coco’s desire to be all over him at all times. She doesn’t know personal space. Coco is potty-trained and even knows how to ring a bell to alert you that it’s “go-time!” She has been to professional, private training, making her a master of “sit, wait, heel, leave it, go to bed, and carpet” (so she wouldn’t rush the front door). She previously lived with a large family, sharing her home with children ages 4, 5, 7, and 9. She admittedly knocked them over from time to time, but she just couldn’t contain her adoration. She’s great in the crate, but ideally wants to just be wherever you are. A day running errands with you is her idea of the perfect date. Coco has had a few roadblocks as far as dog socialization goes. She gets upset when passing dogs while on a leash (something called barrier reactivity – picture the classic “let me at ‘em, let me at ‘em” fights in the movies, as a friend holds them back). However, she’s lived with dogs in the past and has enjoyed the dog park as well. She was described as vocal until they let her off leash. She’s queen of rough and tumble play, so she has expressed some angsty frustration when meeting dogs that will not reciprocate this in any way. She either needs to be the only dog in the home or find herself a friend that will give the energy back! Due to this, we are requiring anyone with a dog to do a meet-and-greet before taking this girl to a forever home. 

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