This week, the Richardson Parks and Recreation Department launched the Clean Parks Program, funded by a grant from the Richardson Rotary Club. The purpose of the program is to create advocates for clean parks, reduce trash left behind at pavilions, reduce micro litter (like confetti), and raise community awareness about the proper use of park trash receptacles. 

The $5,000 grant enables the program to provide: 

  • Clean Park Patrol Passport—An educational activity booklet for kids in 1st grade and older.  
  • SWAG Materials—Items such as drawstring bags, water bottles and stickers, given out as prizes for completing challenges inside the Clean Park Patrol Passport. 
  • Branded Trash Bags and Dispensers— Trash bag dispensers to be placed at Crowley Park and Breckinridge Park Complex C Pavilions. 
  • Park and Pavilion Signage— Signs placed throughout parks to educate on how to keep the area clean and explain the impacts of large gatherings. 

The Clean Parks Program will also introduce a new Trash Bin Pilot Program, with double-capacity trash bins to be placed at Crowley and Berkner Parks as well as Renner Trail. Parks passports are available to pick up at Heights Recreation Center, Huffhines Recreation Center and the Gymnastics Center.