RICHARDSON – A total of 13 HVAC units were installed at a City-owned building with the help from helicopter.

The facility is being renovated for future use.

“We’re trying to upgrade the air conditioning to meet all the requirements in the environment today with new filtration systems, ionic systems to make sure all the air meets all the requirement for all the employees and the public that will use the building,” said Ray Ginther, Facilities Maintenance Superintendent.

The project was located on Collins Blvd. near Plano Rd. in Richardson. A total of 13 units, each weighing between 1,500 to 4,000 pounds were lifted off the property and replaced with 13 new units.

“In order to do a helicopter, lift safely, it really takes three crews. You have the helicopter crew itself which includes the pilot. Then, there is a grounds communications person working with generally four people on the ground and then you have a four-man crew on the roof plus another communications person and in addition a safety coordinator,” said Ginther.

Richardson’s Facilities Department staff used a helicopter for the project because it was safer and much quicker than a crane. The project was completed in a few hours.