The City of Richardson Parks and Recreation Department turns 60 Dec. 29, and several activities are planned in celebration of the milestone:

Dec. 29-Jan. 31

  • 60-Day Membership Bonus—If you buy or renew a recreation membership, 60 days will be added to your membership. Valid at Heights and Huffhines recreation centers only.

Dec. 30-Jan. 3

  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt (Facebook and Instagram)—Parks staff will post a riddle each day. Solve the riddle and post a selfie at the riddle solution (tagged with #RPARDis60). The first person to post a picture with the hashtag will win a prize, and everyone who posts will be entered into a drawing each day.

Jan. 6-10

  • Online Trivia—Parks staff will post 3-6 questions about the Parks Department each day, all at one time on Facebook. The first person to answer all questions correctly will win a prize, and anyone who participated for the day will be entered into a drawing.

Jan. 14-18

  • Traveling Game—Catch a specially numbered tennis ball from a ball hopper at the Tennis Center, Gymnastics Center, Senior Center, Huffhines or Heights recreation centers (ball hopper will be at a different location each day) and win a prize that corresponds to your number. If someone gets number 60, they will get a special edition 60th anniversary item.

Jan. 20-31

  • Customer Appreciation Parties
  • Scavenger Hunt—An old school style scavenger hunt. Look for posters at recreation facilities or an online post with the first riddle, that will lead you to the remaining riddles.