Free Recycling Bags, Swag at Phil-up’s July Appearances

Thinking about participating in Richardson’s recycling program and/or getting your children interested in recycling? What better way to get inspired than a hug and a high five from Richardson’s recycling mascot, Phil-up the Blue Bag.

Recent rain increases mosquito activity

There are several species of mosquito flying through north Texas, but public health officials are interested in the mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus (WNV).

BABIC Experiences Record-Breaking Amount of Debris

Public Services reports that in the 13 days after the June 9 storm (June 10-22), Brush and Bulky Item (BABIC) crews collected 1,337 tons of tree limbs, brush and other debris, almost double the average amount that’s usually picked up in the entire month of June.

Brush and Bulky Item Collection Update

Requests for Brush And Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) service may be delayed in several Richardson neighborhoods due to a large number of pickup requests generated from a June 9 severe weather event.

Eco-friendly Picnic Tips

There are lots of opportunities to picnic this summer in Richardson, from free outdoor concerts to 4th of July fireworks to corporate and family gatherings at one of the City’s 38 parks, and while picnicking is a great way to get outside and enjoy the natural environment, it can also hurt the environment.

Downed Trees Find New Life as Mulch, Compost

Public Services and Parks and Recreation staff want to let everyone know that while our city has lost many trees as a result of last Sunday’s high winds, they have been taken to a facility to be recycled into mulch and compost. Richardson is one of five area cities...