Parks and Recreation Department crews will soon be out to de-winterize the City‘s sprinkler systems, and homeowners should consider doing the same with their own systems. The best time to check is in late March before bermudagrass starts to green—usually when the low temperature is 60 degrees or higher for several nights in a row.  

Ways to conserve water and keep water cost down:  

  • Make sure that all sprinkler heads are operating properly and positioned to not over-spray sidewalks, driveways and streets  
  • Adjust sprinkler heads so that they spray large droplets of water instead of a fog or fine mist, which evaporates quickly and may drift away with the wind  
  • Check for leaks  

To know when to water, sign up for Water My Yard, a free service that sends weekly e-mails with customized watering advice based on your ZIP code and weather conditions.