With recent steady rainfall, the City is reminding residents to protect themselves from mosquitoes by following The Four D’s of Protection, including to DRAIN standing water. Standing water is where mosquitoes breed and grow into adults, so eliminating it can help control the population. Here are some additional tips on preventing standing water: 

  • Don’t over-water a lawn, as this can cause pockets of stagnant water to develop, particularly in low lying or poorly drained areas of the yard. 
  • Don’t allow water in vessels, such as flowerpot saucers, to become stagnant. 
  • Fill in hollows in trees with sand or mortar. 
  • Keep your gutters cleaned out to allow rainwater to drain properly.  

The “Four D’s” also include: 

  • Use insect repellent containing DEET 
  • Avoid being outdoors at DUSK and DAWN 
  • DRESS to protect yourself with long sleeves and pants  

Website: www.cor.net/mosquito