RICHARDSON – Now that most of Richardson’s outdoor swimming pools are closed for the summer, it’s time for our furry friends to get in on the fun.

“My dog loves the beach style pool, so this is perfect for him. He likes to just wait in the water and kind of sit back and watch the others,” said dog-owner, Angela Peterson of Richardson.

Pets of all sizes were invited to attend “Dog Splash.” The event, hosted by Furry Friends of Richardson, was held at terrace pool.

“It’s heartwarming when we see all these dogs going in the pool and everybody coming together and just enjoying,” said Raymond DeGuzman of Furry Friends of Richardson.

Our four-legged pals also had the opportunity to run around, play with their toys, and even cuddle in the pool with their best friends.  A fun break from the hot summer temperatures.

“It’s always good to have little spots like this that let you bring your dogs out here and let them let loose and have fun and socialize with other dogs and swim, it’s always a good time,” said Richardson resident, Andrew Navarro, who brought two of his pets to the event.

“Dog Splash” is one of the many community events organized by Furry Friends of Richardson. The group raises funds for the Richardson Animal Shelter.

“For any needs the Animal Shelter has, that doesn’t get met in our normal budgeting process, a lot of times its medical care for animals that come in that have some serious problems that our staff vet can’t handle one site, a lot of times it goes to that. Also, it can go to some replacement of equipment in the middle of the year that might break down so, any money that goes to this organization, benefits the shelter directly,” said Bill Alsup, Director of Health.  

There was an area for the little dogs, music for all, and free ice-cream. But Dog Splash also gives canines the chance to find forever homes.

“This event helps with adoption because it just generates awareness in the community and people come out here that may not have a dog, it might inspire them to want to get one,” said Alsup.

The Richardson Animal Shelter is at full capacity. If you’re looking to adopt consider giving a shelter dog a new home. All available pets are fully vaccinated, microchipped and spayed or neutered.

Visit for more information on pet adoption.