The City Council voted Monday to amend the comprehensive zoning ordinance for the Collins/Arapaho TOD and Innovation District. The vote represents a major step toward achieving the City’s vision for the near 1,200-acre area to be a premier tech hub in Texas and comes after a year of drafting and refining proposed zoning changes, with continual input from the public, stakeholders, the City Plan Commission and the City Council. In 2018, a visioning study was completed and accepted by the City Council that established the framework for the new zoning.

The ordinance, which went into effect when adopted, includes regulations intended to create a visually unique, walkable and bikeable area with more flexibility for property development/redevelopment than previously existed. The district has four distinct sub-districts, with specific regulations in each for allowed uses such as restaurants, retail, collaborative coworking, microbrewery, winery, commercial entertainment and residential in select locations. Other standards addressed in the ordinance include parking, street types, landscaping, signage and architecture.