At Monday’s City Council meeting, the City Council appointed the nine members of the City Plan Commission to act as the 2022 Council District Boundary Commission. The City Charter requires appointment of a boundary commission every 10 years, after a Census has been completed, to review City Council district boundaries (federal regulations require that the population distribution among City Council districts be approximately equal and that district boundaries be nondiscriminatory).

The committee’s review process will include:

  • receive a briefing on boundary considerations from the City Attorney;
  • meet in work sessions to consider potential boundary adjustment plans;
  • hold one or more public hearings; and
  • make recommendation(s) to the City Council on revised district boundaries.

By ordinance, the City Council must conduct public hearing(s) on the recommendation(s) and adopt a plan to revise/realign the boundaries, if necessary, within six months of the commission’s appointment (July 24, 2022).