A shortage of lifeguards will cause modifications to Richardson’s swimming pool schedule this summer. Richardson has offered new incentives to attract lifeguards, but the lack of lifeguards is something that is affecting recreation departments nationwide.

Heights Family Aquatic Center Closure Decision
A decision on whether to open the Heights Family Aquatic Center for the 2022 summer swim season will be made June 15 and is dependent on the availability of adequate staffing to allow for it to safely open. While all efforts to recruit lifeguards and open the center are being made, there is currently a significant shortage of available personnel and there are not enough applicants waiting for approval to allow it to open.

Steps Taken To Attract Lifeguards
The City of Richardson Parks and Recreation Department has taken added steps to make the application process and access to lifeguard training as easy as possible for applicants. Added cash, rewards for referrals, and flexible work schedules are among incentives that have been developed to attract as many applicants as possible. Despite these steps, the Parks and Recreation Department has only half of the staff needed to open all facilities.

Neighborhood Pools to Open on Modified Schedule
Adequate lifeguards have been recruited to safely allow the opening of Richardson’s four neighborhood pools—Canyon Creek, Cottonwood, Glenville and Terrace— six days per week beginning June 4 (see next page for schedule). Additionally, the Cottonwood and Glenville pools will be open May 28-30. Morning and evening swim lessons will also continue at the neighborhood pools as scheduled.

To ensure the safety of swimmers, all pools will be fully staffed when they are open. When a pool is closed, a sign will be placed outside the gates directing people to the nearest open pool.

The daily entrance fee for each of the pools is $2, with children age 3 and under free. Season passes to all four neighborhood pools will be sold for $30 per resident, or $100 per family. Nonresident neighborhood pool passes are available for $40. No family passes are available for nonresidents.

Canyon Creek
(closes Aug. 28.,
weekends only
starting Aug. 15.)
1-8 p.m.Closed1-8 p.m.1-8 p.m.1-8 p.m.1-8 p.m.1-8 p.m.
(closes Aug. 14)
1-8 p.m.1-6 p.m.1-6 p.m.Closed1-6 p.m.1-6 p.m.1-8 p.m.
(closes Aug. 14)
1-8 p.m.1-8 p.m.Closed1-8 p.m.1-8 p.m.1-8 p.m.1-8 p.m.
(closes Aug. 28.,
weekends only
starting Aug. 15.)
1-8 p.m.10 a.m.-5 p.m.10 a.m.-5 p.m.10 a.m.-5 p.m.Closed10 a.m.-5 p.m.1-8 p.m.

Pool Rentals / Swim Registration
Online reservations for pool rentals and swim class registration are now open. Applications are available online at www.cor.net/parksonline or by calling 972-744-7892. No rentals will be available at the Heights Family Aquatics Center if it opens this summer.

Neighborhood Swim Teams
The availability of Neighborhood Swim Teams is under evaluation pending the availability of coaches. An announcement will be made later if the program will be able to take place.

For more information on the City’s aquatics program, visit www.cor.net/aquatics.