RICHARDSON – Richardson’s trash trucks are the vehicles Violet, a 3-year-old girl from the community loves to hear, and watch. The trucks bring her excitement and puts a smile on her face.

Her interest in the big vehicles developed during the pandemic and so did her admiration for the Solid Waste operators including her new friend, Joshua Coverdell, a loader. He’s part of the crew that drives through Violet’s neighborhood picking up trash.

“She is just a ray of sunshine. She makes me smile every time we come around the corner, and she is standing there waving at us. She is incredible,” said Coverdell.

Coverdell was so taken back by the small gesture he wanted to do something special to not only say thank you but show Violet she’s appreciated. Coverdell bought her a board game that include a small trash truck toy. He also gave her a stuffed frog.

“It’s important to know we are city workers, and the city cares about its citizens. We’re happy to come to work, and we’re here every day to help everyone, and we enjoy it. For me, it’s getting to know your community and your neighbor, and I think currently we really need to back to that. It’s just one of those simple things of being kind and good to everyone,” he said.

Shelby Baum is Violet’s mom, who said she plays with her new toys every day and those toys never leave her side.  In fact, she named her new stuffed frog, Josh.

“Coming out here and seeing something that she loves and having that reciprocated by someone is really good, it’s a really good feeling,” she said.

The City of Richardson is always looking for solid waste loaders. Applications can be found at