The City Council adopted its 2019-2021 Statement of Goals and accompanying strategies late last year, and last month announced more than 70 proposed tactics for implementing the strategies. Crafting goals, strategies and tactics as well as creating an all-encompassing vision is traditionally undertaken by the City Council every two years, after several meetings to review past goals and accomplishments, determine continued priorities and determine any changes/additions needed.

The 2019-2021 goals are:
• For Richardson to be a place where people are proud to live, work, invest and engage in the community
• To have clear, easy to understand processes and policies that make it easy to interact with the City
• To have stakeholders choose Richardson as the best place in the region to locate, contribute and participate
• To effectively and efficiently manage city resources while maintaining and enhancing city services

The 2019-2021 strategies, which further define the goals, are:
• Enhance the quality of life of our stakeholders
• Protect and strengthen stakeholder investments in the City
• Increase the sense of community and citizen engagement
• Enhance the customer experience in interactions with the City
• Manage City finances effectively and efficiently
• Pursue public/private partnerships and contributions
• Integrate innovative business processes
• Attract, develop and retain quality City employees
• Attract and retain targeted businesses; increase the number, quality and variety of job opportunities throughout the City
• Leverage our regional leadership position to positively impact county, state and federal issues
• Leverage media to effectively tell the Richardson story

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