The City Council approved an ordinance Monday that amends the City’s Code of Ethics, first adopted in 2010 and last updated in 2018. The Code applies to the City Council and all City Boards and Commissions (a.k.a. “city officers”).

Changes include:

  • Updating the definition of officers to reflect current Boards and Commissions
  • Adding a subsection requiring City Council compliance with the personal financial statements and conflicts disclosure statements required under Texas local government code
  • Providing the City attorney and outside legal counsel with the same subpoena power as the City Council
  • Adding a new Acknowledgement section that requires that each officer receive a copy of the Code of Ethics upon their election/appointment, with the officer having to file with the City Secretary an acknowledgement that they have read it

Conducting a biannual review of the Code of Ethics is part of the City Council’s 2019-21 Tactics.