If you’ve never tried composting, now might be a good time to start if you still have lots of dead leaves leftover after the spring storms.  

Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter into a valuable, nutrient-rich natural fertilizer called compost (that looks a lot like garden soil) that can be used for gardening, horticulture and agriculture. Compost can be created in small, covered indoor/outdoor bins or large, backyard piles, and not only benefits gardens, but keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills and the water system. 

Leaves are a great ingredient for a compost bin or pile, as compost-making materials include “browns” (brown leaves/grass, cardboard, newspaper) and “greens” (plant-based food scraps, green leaves/grass). 

View how-to-compost information online at the Dallas County Master Gardener Association website (click here).