While the thrill of hitting the open road is undeniable, it’s important to consider the impact our travels have on air quality. Here are some ways to help you maintain good air quality on the road this summer from the North Central Texas Council of Government’s (NCTCOG) Air North Texas division:  

  • Consider Eco-Friendly Vehicles for Daily or Vacation Use. In addition to having your own eco-friendly car for daily use, consider an electric or hybrid vehicle instead of a conventional gasoline car if you need to rent a car while on vacation. 
  • Plan Routes Wisely. Before taking off, it’s important to plan your route strategically as well as avoid traveling during peak hours, in order to reduce travel time, idling and emissions. 
  • Pack Smartly. Travel as light as possible to avoid overloading your vehicle. With extra weight, the engine works harder and burns more fuel.  

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