Artists from Arts Incubator of Richardson (AIR) are in the middle of a neighborhood project they hope will inspire and bring the community together.

The group is painting a mural on the outside of the Richardson Family YMCA. It will represent mind, body and spirit.  The wall is about 15 ft. high and 50 ft. long. It’s located at 821 Custer Road. 

The mural is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

Artists hope it can become a popular destination. 

“It’s exciting when you see it on paper for the first time, and you go ‘wow, look at the colors, look at the imagery,’ and when it really starts to go up on the wall, it really truly does come to life and its exciting,” said Kitty Goddard, founder of the Arts Incubator of Richardson.

AIR is one of many community organizations funded in part by the City through the Cultural Arts Commission.

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