RICHARDSON – Friendship is the focus of a new solo exhibit by artist and educator, Melanie M. Brannan. The show on display at the Eisemann Center is not only a celebration of friendship, but a tribute to life.

“She was one of the best friends I will ever have,” said Brannan.

It’s the story of two friends, Melanie and Maryann, a dynamic duo who over the years celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, encouraged one another to be the best and provided support through the tough times.

Each art piece is a memory the two friends shared, from their experiences dining out to their favorite movie.

“I’m so happy to share her and our friendship with everybody because she was such an incredible person and I always called her the sharpest tool in the shed because she was absolutely brilliant,” she said.

“A Celebration of Friendship” is on display in the Forrest and Virginia Green Mezzanine Gallery at the Eisemann Center through April.

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