The City Council heard a briefing from City Engineering staff Monday regarding the current state and future needs of Richardson’s streets, alleys and sidewalks, in advance of determining uses for a possible 2021 G.O. bond program. Richardson streets and alleys are traditionally ranked into four categories (Poor, Fair, Satisfactory and Good) in determining repair/rehabilitation priorities, using several factors including age, pavement condition, water and sewer conditions and traffic volume, and staff reported that Fair and Poor streets are deteriorating at a rate that is exceeding our current reconstruction resources. The list of possible projects focuses on those in the Poor category with the greatest needs.

Candidate projects include:

  • Greenville Avenue (considered an “arterial” street) between Belt Line and Spring Valley roads,
  • Custer Road/Custer Parkway (a “collector” street”) between Campbell Road and Renner Road,
  • the entire length of Westshore Drive (a “neighborhood collector” street), and
  • numerous residential and commercial streets and alleys.

Proposed costs are $97.6 million for the highest priority projects and $269.3 million for all proposed street/alley projects.

All but one of the 27 regions in the Residential Sidewalk Repair program, funded by the 2006, 2010 and 2015 Bond Programs, are complete, and the last region will start construction in April. As the repair cycle begins again, City staff propose consolidating some regions and adding nine commercial regions to the list for a Citywide Sidewalk Repair Program, with prioritization based on barrier-free ramp and accessibility needs. Estimated costs for the combined project total a little over $34.6 million, with $6.3 million included for the commercial portion.

To view Monday’s briefing including maps of the streets, alleys and sidewalks targeted by the plans, click here.