The Veteran Services Office located on the campus of Richland College is using art to not only spruce up its space, but to help service members transition from the Military into civilian life.

Retired U.S. Army veteran Bryce Hansen, who is a green beret and served in Iraq and Afghanistan, recently volunteered to create a custom-painted piece of art for the Office.  Its called “High Five,” which is inspired by his daily commute.  The piece is a colorful depiction of the High Five Interchange near Richland College.

“It was a way to spend some time with some thoughts that were in my head and work them out. When I paint, I really get to focus on one little thing and block everything else, and I find therapy in that,” said Hansen.

Hansen’s artwork is not the first piece created by a service member to grace the walls of the Veteran Services Office. There are others including paintings, photographs and drawing, each with powerful images.

“High Five” now hangs inside Veteran Services at Richland College, a program that sets up military students and their families for success.

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