One of the services you never think of when comparing cities is trash and recycling, but as many Richardson residents know and appreciate, is the way the City manages its trash and recycling collections.

Richardson sets itself apart from other North Texas cities by offering twice weekly trash pickup as well as weekly recycling pickup and brush and bulky item collection (BABIC). Commonly, cities offer weekly trash pickup and collection of bulky items only once per month or place a limit on the number of bulky items that can be collected per month/year.

Another way Richardson distinguishes itself is by offering a discount on the trash rate to residents 65 or older. This is in addition to the senior property tax exemption that is also available.

Improving service through technology has been the latest trend in recent years. Today, you can request BABIC services with your smartphone by using the City’s MyRichardson mobile application or by going to the City’s website at