Every semester, Richardson residents are invited to the University of Texas at Dallas to participate in an in-depth conversation about diversity.

The interactive discussion, which is held in a safe and comfortable space, gives attendees the opportunity to learn and understand about other cultures by hearing various perspectives and experiences.

“They are able to come in and have conversations based on diversity and within those conversations we have talks on more than just race and ethnicity. We talk about gender, religion, sexual orientation. We hit all the spectrums of diversity,” said Klarissa Perez, coordinator of diversity education for the Multicultural Center at UT Dallas.

Diversity Dialogues is one of the programs organized through the university’s Multicultural Center.  It is free and open to all UT Dallas students, staff, faculty and Richardson residents.

“It’s always good to have non-UT Dallas members participate in these conversations because it not only connects UTD members to the community but fosters great relationships,” said Ezinne Megwa, diversity peer educator for the Multicultural Center at UT Dallas.

Visit www.utdallas.edu/multicultural for more information.