RISD has partnered with the Credit Union of Texas (CUTX) to open a SMART bank branch at Berkner High School and STEM Academy in August. The new location, which will be open to the public, would be the first of its kind in Dallas County. 
The bank will be located near the Berkner STEM Academy and South Yale Boulevard. Berkner will provide the space that CUTX will build out while providing all the supplies, marketing and technology needed. About two dozen students will operate the bank in a variety of roles, including as tellers and branch managers. Each student who completes a one-year banking program will receive a $1,000 scholarship from CUTX. 

RISD expects to have students from all grade levels and every learning community visit the branch at Berkner, to learn about many financial topics including checking/savings, budgeting, credit and loans. 

Construction is scheduled to begin this spring.