Massive hauling trucks were deployed early this morning to neighborhoods impacted by this week’s severe weather.  Right now, the vehicles are continuing to collect debris including trees, brush, and other organic material. 

The size of these trucks makes it imperative for residents in the storm cleanup zones to have a plan in place to move personal or contractor vehicles on the street to allow these trucks access to pick up debris. 

To help speed up the collection, residents are asked to separate your different types of debris and set items on the right of way by the streets. 

“Right now what we’re trying to accomplish is getting most of the clean vegetative debris out of this area where the damage is the heaviest, “said Buddy Young, Crowder-Gulf Contractors.

All of the vegetative debris that is dropped off at our vegetative debris management site will be mulched up and recycled.  All of the demolition and debris that includes appliances and furniture, etc. will be taken to the landfill.

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