RICHARDSON – Officers with the Richardson Police Department have added new technology to help enhance the way they document, analyze, and report incidents around the community.

The latest resource is the FARO Focus System. It’s designed to reconstruct traffic accidents with images and a virtual reality scene that’s created with specialized software.

“It’s a game changer for the police department,” said Officer Chad Moore.

The scanner is a black u-shape device that sits on top of a tripod. Once its on, a soft sound starts. Then, a tiny mirror in the center of the machine begins to spin. Invisible to the naked eye, the laser can scan an entire area.

“The biggest point is that it’s going to help clear the roadway a lot sooner and help reduce the chance of crashes in the backup. The other end of it is that the machine will be able to capture so many points that we’ll be able to reconstruct the crash and give a presentation to the court with a lot more detail,” said Moore.

The scanner captures every detail of a scene, from traffic signals and light poles to car damage, even skid marks. The machine can be used in the daylight or in the dark.

The Equipment arrived in May and is assigned to Richardson’s Special Crash Investigation Team, or SCI.