RICHARDSON – This week, business and property owners who make up Richardson’s Innovation Quarter gathered to learn about the progress being made in the district where big ideas and groundbreaking technology will be taking place.

“We made great progress, especially since our beginning back in 2017 with the task force recommendation and in 2018, we did kind of our citywide vision area study. We identified 10 strategies for implementation and over the last three years, we really made a lot of progress in implementing those 10 strategies,” said Doug McDonald, Strategic Initiatives Manger, City of Richardson.

The Richardson IQ or the IQ is a 1,200-acre area located in the central part of the city where tech companies large and small have developed both commercial and top-secret telecommunication technologies.

The area has a rich heritage of innovation dating back to America’s space race and today it is being redeveloped to continue to be a location that attracts tech-based companies looking for access to highly educated talent with an attractive community design.

So far this year, project managers prepared a bond for the Innovation Quarter, a design for Glenville Dr. and the Arapaho/Greenville Intersection kicked off, as well as a business association alliance. The IQ also announced a new partnership between the City of Richardson and UT Dallas at 1302 E. Collins, where the University will house 5 new research centers.

Plans for the IQ including make the district walkable and bikeable, and it will be visually unique, green, lively, and active. It will continue to be a center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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