Though most municipal recycling programs (including Richardson’s) accept many types of paper such as newspaper, magazines and office paper, candy wrappers are not considered typical paper and are NOT accepted by Richardson’s regional recycler, Republic Services. Candy wrappers are usually made of “multi material packaging” and can’t be processed into new paper. In addition, most wrappers are too small to be recycled—no material smaller than a credit card should be placed in Richardson’s blue recycling bags. 

Instead, dispose of the wrappers in your regular trash or save them for the specialty “Trick or Trash” collection program, a partnership with the National Wildlife Federation that sends collection boxes free of charge to businesses, schools and community organizations. The program is able to use plastic extracted from the wrappers to create doggy bags for animal shelters, and recycles the paper and aluminum components. Currently, Richardson collection sites include UT Dallas’ Office of Sustainability (for students and staff) and Stinson Elementary School, 4201 Greenfield Dr. In Dallas, the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park is a collection site.