Approximately 1,800 Richardson residential addresses west of US 75 that are in the Friday BABIC/recycling zone will be moved to the Tuesday collection zone starting Aug. 3 (see map). Trash pickup for these homes will continue both Tuesday and Friday.

The change was made to help balance service in Richardson’s four collection zones. The current BABIC and recycling zones were created in 1992 when the city had a population of about 76,000. As the city grew to its current population of about 117,000, much of the growth happened in the Friday collection zone, specifically the panhandle region of Richardson.

By expanding the boundary of the Tuesday collection zone, the City hopes to be able to get all BABIC and recycling collections completed in a more timely manner.

If you have any questions about the change, call the City’s 24-hour response line at 972-744-4111 or e-mail Paula Johnson, Environmental Services Superintendent, at