The City of Richardson’s Volunteer Assistance Program’s website has a new feature to make it easier for residents to connect with available volunteer opportunities around the community.

From fence maintenance to vegetation trimming and painting, the website now has a listing of all projects sorted by the type of work needed.  It also features photos of the work and lists the location of each project.

“I think residents like to sign up and volunteer in order to give back to their community.  It’s really big here in Richardson, the other thing is residents want to see an impact in their own neighborhood,” said Lindsay Turman, Community Service Administrator.

The Volunteer Assistance Program connects homeowners who can’t properly maintain their property due to age, finance or disability with volunteers who want to help.  Volunteers come from all walks of life from high school and college students to retirees who all want to work and improve the community. 

Visit to check out the new website features and to learn more about the program and how to sign up to help.