RICHARDSON – Several chefs from around the community were on hand this past weekend for the 2021 Food Pantry Fork-Off, a competition and fundraiser for the Network of Community Ministries.

During the event, the Network announced the completion of its capital campaign, raising more than $6.4 million to help pay for its new facility.

“It’s super exciting. We’re going to be debt free within the next three years as those campaign pledges come in. We’re able to do some things that we thought we were going to have to put off down the line like get a new roof, get the air conditioning fixed and upgrade some technology. We also plan to have a maintenance fund that we can upkeep the building so we’re not wondering how we’re going to pay for those things that happen,” said Cindy Shafer, CEO of the Network of Community Ministries.

Each chef prepared samplings of their best dishes for the Fork-Off. Some even used items from right inside the Network’s food pantry to come up with a 7-course meal.

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