The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Texas Master Naturalists are encouraging all Texans to participate in the worldwide 2020 iNaturalist City Nature Challenge, which began today (April 24) and continues through April 27. While past Challenges have been competitions between cities featuring group and individual participation, this year, in light of the COVID-19 virus, it’s an opportunity for individuals to “celebrate the healing power of nature and document our local plants and animals however we can,” according to TPWD.

Participants download the free iNaturalist app and take a picture of any type of plant or animal, and the iNaturalist community will help with identification. Every observation contributes to biodiversity science, from a rare butterfly to a common backyard weed.

TPWD requests that during the Challenge, participants comply with the latest national, state and local health guidance and regulations regarding COVID-19.