As this summer’s drought and heat continue, the number of downed tree limbs is increasing. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions the experts at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension have been receiving about trees, and the answers:

  • Why Now? 
    Limbs are drying out to the point where gravity takes over and they are coming down. Healthy limbs fall, too, due to lack of water and especially when combined with a heavy crop of pecans and/or acorns on board. Other limbs fall due to having a weak area in the bark. In addition, many trees are starting to drop leaves, a survival mechanism for them, as they need less water with less leaves.
  • Do Fallen Limbs Mean My Trees are in Danger of Dying?
    In most cases, no. They are just trying to survive.
  • What Can I Do?
    At this point, water the best you can, following area watering regulations; follow for best watering practices.

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