City Transportation and Mobility staff gave an assessment to the City Council Monday of Richardson’s traffic operations infrastructure, as well as reviewed past bond projects and outlined future projects that could be included in a possible 2021 Bond Program. Proposed projects include:

  • Traffic signal improvements (including 15 rebuilds and four new traffic signals)—$7.6 M
  • Intersection improvements at Jupiter/Campbell (Dallas County leveraged project) and University/Campbell—$3.4 M +$500 K commitment from Dallas County
  • Traffic technology improvements—$2.6 M
  • Street lighting projects—$1.5 M
  • Traffic calming and multimodal projects (including new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons at five crosswalks)—$350 K

The debt capacity for a November 2021 GO Bond, without a tax increase, is tentatively estimated to be $170 million (or between $160-$180 million). Bond project overviews for Parks, Drainage, Facilities, Streets/Alleys and Special Projects are scheduled for February, with bond proposition development scheduled to take place in March.