City staff and consultants working on the Collins/Arapaho Transit-Oriented Development and Innovation District’s Rezoning Initiative addressed a joint meeting of the City Council and the City Plan Commission Monday night, seeking feedback and guidance on key aspects of prospective zoning regulations for the 1,200-acre District.

Topics discussed, divided by geographic sub-districts, included allowed building uses (residential vs. commercial, types of residential usage and types of commercial usage), building heights, street types and parking. The primary goal of the Rezoning Initiative is to remove barriers imposed by current zoning regulations so that the area can grow from being a primarily industrial area into the “premier tech hub of Texas,” a green, pedestrian- and bike-friendly center of business, leisure and innovation.

Prior to the discussion, an update was given on recent public feedback received from an online survey as well as from the Innovation District block parties held in June involving residents, stakeholders and business owners.

Next steps for the Rezoning Initiative team include developing prospective regulations for landscaping and signs, hosting a community workshop Aug. 21 and developing a demonstration project later this month on Greenville Avenue to test bike lane and crosswalk ideas and collect data. City Council and City Plan Commission action on rezoning is not expected until October and November.

To view Monday’s presentation, click here. For a summary of responses gathered from the block party and an online survey, go to