If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get your yard and garden ready for winter. The Dallas County Master Gardener Association, Inc., a division of Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, recommends several things to do, including:  

  • Rake leaves, cut fading annuals and clip back perennials, adding all the yard waste to a compost pile (or bag it and call BABIC; see below for info)  
  • Turn off your irrigation system. Dormant plants and grasses don’t need water, and watering during the winter can lead to weeds and disease that harm your lawn. Water spots in the garden or lawn by hand if they appear to need water; and be sure to water garden plants when below-freezing temperatures are expected, covering sensitive plants with frost cloth.  
  • Replenish mulch around trees, shrubs, etc. as needed, up to four inches in depth, taking care to keep it from touching the trunk of a tree or shrub. Mulch applied in late fall insulates plants from extremely low temperatures.  

More tips: www.dallascountymastergardeners.org