ALEDO, Texas – A total of 100 trees are growing in a farm located in Aledo, Texas as part of Richardson’s Main Street Redevelopment project.

The trees include Bald Cypress, Live Oak, Sycamore and Maple.  Engineers and landscape architects have been working with arborists for several years on the project from selecting the type of trees that will thrive in the downtown area to preparing the trees for planting.

“When they got here, they were six to seven inches in caliper. They have already calipered to about a nine-inch tree currently,” said Jesse Shulse, Business Development Director for Environmental Design.

Arborist water the trees three times a week, twice a day for at least thirty minutes. They check the soil regularly and measure the amount of nutrients each tree gets carefully. The trees weigh about 12,000 pounds and are still growing.

Environmental Design is growing the trees and responsible for eventually moving them to their permanent home on Main Street. The company has prepared trees for other big projects including the 9/11 Memorial, Pebble Beach Golf Course and the University of Texas.

“I’m excited to get them planted in Richardson’s Main Street, but sad to see them leave the farm,” said Jonny Riegel, Project Manager.

Later this month, some of the trees mainly the Bald Cypress will be installed with the rest of the trees arriving early next year.

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