This summer’s drought is causing ants, cockroaches and other bugs to head indoors more than usual, as extended periods of dry weather affects their food and moisture supply. Texas A&M’s Department of Entomology has these tips to keep bugs out: 

  • Maintain screens, windows and door sweeps—these are common areas of entry for pests.  
  • Keep tree branches and bushes from leaning against your home. 
  • Keep food items sealed shut. Clean up spilled drops of soft drinks, bits of pet food, etc. as even the tiniest drops can attract a large amount of ants. 
  • Step up your cleaning routines, such as cleaning kitchen countertops daily. 
  • Repair leaks quickly and remove other sources of dampness, such as airing out a bathroom after showering. 

If they’re already inside your house, TAMU has helpful publications that help identify pests and offer advice on how to properly treat the infestation—click here to access one about ants.