The estimate of the total amount of vegetative debris generated in Richardson after the May 28 severe weather event was revised upward this week by 50,000 cubic yards, to a total of 250,000 cubic yards. This latest estimate is expected to be the last revision, with the second round of debris collection expected to begin in two to three weeks.   

If collection goes according to plan, it is believed regular Brush and Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) services could return to normal in early August. As of today (July 5), 189,438 cubic yards (~75%) of vegetative debris has been collected. 

This is the third estimate created by contracted debris monitoring and hauling services, who began citywide removal of material on June 3. The first estimate was created less than a week after the storm passed. A second revision was made two weeks later and was based on the appearance of new piles of debris in areas already collected, along with additional debris that appeared on streets waiting for collection.  

Estimates are based on visual inspections, total number of homes impacted, and type of vegetative debris left out for collection.   

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