RICHARDSON – The Community Gardens Partnership in Richardson is helping bring people together, creating opportunities from recreation and exercise to therapy and education.

“Getting in touch with your food that you eat is always life giving. We have a lot of families that teach their children what it looks like to go from seed to table,” said community gardener, Rev. Betsy Randall.

Several nonprofit organizations and faith groups have already joined Richardson’s efforts to become more environmentally sustainable. Their gardens grow everything from tomatoes and lettuce to asparagus and radish.

Groups that are a part of the Community Gardens Partnership Program receive a water discount of 95% helping reduce the cost of maintaining the gardens. As part of the program, each community garden gives 25% of its produce to local food banks such as the Network of Community Ministries.

“It feels really good to do that. Sometimes we grow some strange things in the garden that some people may have not seen before. So, I’m sure they will get some new experiences out of it and hopefully we help put food on the table,” said Glen McGeen, community gardener.

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