Cleaning gutters is a good way to prepare for potential icy weather and also a good overall spring cleaning task. Keeping gutters free of fallen leaves has many advantages, including:  

  • Enables proper water flow, which deters ice buildup in gutters and keeps water from overflowing onto your home’s foundation and exterior. Ice dams that form in gutters can result in excessive weight and the potential for the gutters to break away from the home. 
  • Protects your roof, as leaves can trap moisture, which can deteriorate nearby roofing material and adjacent exterior 
  • Prevents gutters from becoming a pest habitat, as clogged gutters provide a welcome space for pests like mosquitoes, ants, wasps and rodents  

Once leaves are collected from gutters, dispose of leaves in compostable bags or trash bags, or break them down into your landscape with a mulching lawnmower. Avoid washing them into the street and down storm drains, as they can reduce storm drain efficiency and, as they decompose, cause harm to fish and other aquatic organisms.   

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