While the North Texas area has seen some cold temperatures over the last month, we have yet to see any severe winter weather events. If the snow and ice arrives, the City of Richardson is prepared as crews have been preparing for months in case their services are needed to keep streets and bridges clear of ice.

The City’s sanding trucks are managed by street maintenance workers from the Public Services Department who have been stockpiling sand in case it is needed this winter. When ice builds up and causes dangerous driving conditions, crews spread sand on several high priority areas—bridges, major roads, intersections and hospital driveways. School zones are sanded upon special request. The sand increases vehicle traction, but drivers are still urged to drive cautiously.

Members of the parks maintenance staff have also been preparing for cold weather. Throughout the year crews prune questionable tree limbs (those with fracture lines, indicating a weak spot that could easily break during a storm) in the parks and along hike and bike trails. While the trees may appear bare after pruning, most will fill back in after a few growing seasons.

The work is not done after an ice storm passes. Parks crews have sweeper trucks to clean up sand from roadways, but even with multiple trucks working six days per week, it can take time to remove it all. Workers from the Solid Waste division’s Brush and Bulky Item Collection (BABIC) service also are busy following ice storms, picking up fallen limbs and other storm debris in neighborhoods and commercial areas. During the major ice storm in December 2013, crews spread 417 cubic yards of sand on roads and responded to more than 13,000 BABIC requests, accounting for 47 percent of the City’s households. More than 2,400 tons of debris was cleared following the storm.

To request BABIC pickup, use the MyRichardson App, call 972-744-4111 or fill out an online form at www.cor.net/recycling. Curbside pickup is available on your designated recycling day (as long as the request is made by 11:59 p.m. the night before).